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My Guide to Adding Vintage To Your Wardrobe Using Accessories: Tip #1 Vintage Hats

This is for my ladies who are intrigued about the idea of wearing vintage clothes but find that idea to be daunting. Perhaps you don't know where to start and you get completely overwhelmed when you walk into a vintage store. My advise is to start with the basics, focus on one wardrobe item at a time. Begin your journey into the world of vintage with accessories. A vintage hat is a great place to start because it pushes you out of your comfort zone right away plus it's super fun to discover that you ACTUALLY can wear hats even though you've told yourself otherwise for years. A hat can be paired with any outfit in your closet from jeans to a business suit. In this post I show how 5 different hats transform a simple little black dress into 5 different looks. It's amazing to see how each hat creates a totally different attitude for the dress.

Original Hat Designed by Mr John

1960s Floppy Hat Designed by Mr John

1920s Original Saks Fifth Avenue Hat

1940s Hat Designed by Henry Pollach

1960s Pillbox Style Hat